August 2020: POP Tool Improvements Update

Did you know that Kyle runs weekly live POP workshops? Read on to learn more about these and to find out what else is new in POP.

1. POP On Page Live Workshops with Kyle

Every Tuesday 9 PM EST (perfect for US, APAC) and Thursday 9 AM EST (perfect for US, EU) Kyle runs a free live workshop where he demonstrates how to use POP with ease. He'll also answer any questions you might have about SEO and POP. 

During the workshop, you will learn…
✔️ Why are your competitors ranking better?
✔️ What’s missing on your page?
✔️ How can you outperform your competitors?
✔️ What are the best on page optimization practices when using POP?
✔️ How to use POP Chrome Extension for live site editing?
✔️ Get your questions answered live!

The workshops are free to attend but spaces are limited. Sign up for the next available workshop

2. Updated Optimization Score in your POP Chrome Extension

When you use the POP Chrome Extension you can get an up-to-date Optimization Score and updated term counts directly in the Extension itself. Give anyone who works on your content the secret key to your report. They can paste the code in the POP Chrome Extension and get the up-to-date recommendations directly where they are editing the content. Watch the video below to see how it works.

3. Download the Content Brief Recommendations

You can now download the content brief recommendations. This allows you to share them with your writers or anyone who doesn’t use the POP Chrome Extension. Simply click the “Download Excel” button in the top right.

 Download the Content Brief Recommendations

Your Excel file will look like this:

The report contains color coding which makes it easy to spot the important recommendations:

  • Red - no usage of the Important Term
  • Orange - some usage of the Important Term
  • Yellow - getting closer to effective SEO
  • Green - effective SEO
  • Purple - possibly over the effective SEO range
  •                                                                                            June 6th

                                                                                               June 15th

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