Introducing the POP Agency Plan Early Bird Offer [Expires on May 31st]

Many of you have been asking for this, so we have delivered!

You can now create sub-accounts within your POP console for your staff, VA’s, clients, pet chihuahua, you name it. Everyone can now have their own POP sub-account with the new Agency Plans.

But we didn’t stop with just sub-accounts. In the new Agency Plans you’ll get a whole lot more for your POP dollar.

What will I get with the Basic Agency Plan?

  • Exclusive new optimization features (coming soon).
    In the next 60 days we’ll be releasing some premium features to Agency Plans that will not only be unavailable in the Standard Plans but also will be a first in the industry! #Gamechanger
  • Agency sub-user accounts (available now).
    Agency Plan holders can grant individuals access to select parts of their projects. That means employees, contractors, freelancers, and VAs can work on specific projects within the Agency Dashboard.
  • Downloadable branded PDF reports (coming soon).
    With Agency Plans, you will be able to download beautifully designed POP PDF reports with your company branding. Share these with your clients and prospects!  
  • CSV/Excel bulk project submission (coming soon). Agency Plan holders will soon be able to bulk upload POP inputs in spreadsheet format. The ultimate POP productivity hack!

So if ANY of these features sound useful, now is the time to act.

From 1st June the minimum cost of entry to Agency Plans will be $78/month and $780/year.

But up until Friday May 31st we’re offering the basic POP Agency Plan (5 sub accounts) for the same price as the Unlimited Standard Plan at $39/month or $390/year.

That’s right. You get access to all this and until May 31st, don’t have to drop a dime on top of what you’re already paying!*

AND - you lock in this price, forever! Even when there’s a price rise, your pricing never changes, you’ll only ever pay $39/month or $390/year.**

Use the promo code below when you purchase or upgrade and save 50% off the basic POP Agency Plan with deal of the year!

*If you’re already an Unlimited Plan subscriber

**Upon cancelation of subscription special pricing will be terminated

​​​​How do I upgrade to a Basic Agency Plan?

1. Log into POP account here

2. Go to the account section at the top right corner and choose "Upgrade/Downgrade Plan" Screenshot

3. Choose basic agency plan for 1-5 sub accounts at $39 a month (using the promo code POP50%OFFM) or $390 a year (promo code POP50%OFFY

Not a POP user yet?

1. Sign up here 

2. Choose basic agency plan for 1-5 sub accounts at $39 a month (using the promo code POP50%OFFM) or $390 a year (promo code POP50%OFFY)

Why would you want POP sub-accounts?

  1. It streamlines the entire communication process: instead of downloading Excel sheets and sending them over to the content creators or SEO techs, Agency Level users can simply grant access to the necessary personnel.

  2. Those people who are not POP subscribers don’t need to have their own POP account  in order to work directly in the Agency Dashboard.

  3. Giving access to the dashboard is another great way to be more transparent with your clients.


What is the Agency Plan Early Bird Offer?
- It’s a chance to get the brand new Basic Agency Plan at 50% off for $39/month or $390/year.

What are the new optimization features?
- We have to keep these on the down-low because these are kind of a big deal, but I can tell you they relate to some increasingly important signals that currently are not being done very well by other tools.

Is the price locked in forever?
- Absolutely yes! Once you get your agency plan offer, the price will not change for the duration of your subscription (Canceling your subscription will void this). On June 1st the value of the basic agency plan will increase to $78/month.

I'm currently paying $39 a month for unlimited, can I just switch over?
- Because it is a new plan and PayPal and Stripe are the worst, it's not quite that simple. If you are using PayPal you will get a refund of your remaining days and then pay the $39. If you are using a credit card (Stripe), you will pay a prorated amount now based on the remaining days of your current billing cycle.

I'm trying to use PayPal.  When I go to PayPal it shows $78 or $780 and not the promo price
- You are seeing the plan name and not the price you are paying.  For some reason, PayPal doesn't show the amount you are agreeing to pay and just shows the product title.  You will still get the promo price of $39 for monthly or $390 for yearly.

I just paid for a month, will I lose that payment if I upgrade?
- No, you will not lose that payment.  How things are handled depends on how you have paid.  If you paid with PayPal you will get a refund based on the days remaining on your billing cycle.  You will then be charged $39 (or $390 for yearly). If you paid with a credit card, you will pay a prorated amount now based on the days remaining on your billing cycle.

Am I automatically upgraded to the agency plan?
- No, you must choose to upgrade.  Upgrading in your dashboard is easy, see question 2 for details.

It says that I can't use this coupon?
- Promo codes are single use per user.  If you started the process but did not complete payment you'll need a new promo code.  Please reach out to support, we are happy to make a new one for you.

But the yearly price is the same as the monthly price?
- Actually, if you subscribe to the yearly plan you get 2 free months, 12x $39 is $468, the yearly plan is $390.

Is the basic agency plan for agencies only?
- No, the basic agency plan is for all hardcore POP users who have the use for sub-accounts or want access to premium optimization and usability features.

Now go forth and upgrade!

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