Being SEOs ourselves we know all too well SEOs don’t like missing an opportunity to share our proud wins with whoever will listen. So here is your big chance!

Over the coming weeks we’re running the very first (of hopefully many to come) POP To The Top Awards.

What is it?

It’s a competition to find the current #1 user of Page Optimizer, someone who has achieved outstanding results just through following the tool’s recommendations.

When is it?

Entries open Monday 15th October and close Sunday 4th November, 2018

How to enter?

To enter just follow these steps:

  1. Enter through the Page Optimizer Facebook Page. The Enter Here button will take you to the post.
  2. Post your entry to the comments section of the post.
  3. Don't forget to like our page.

Your comment post entry must include:

  • Screenshot showing position improvements in Search Console over time (mark when Page Optimizer was used). You are welcome to remove any reference to the website/domain but we need to see the keyword
  • Screenshot showing your optimization summary in POP
  • List a couple of things you did to your page from the recommendations

Here's an example of what we need

Screenshot from Page Optimizer.

Screenshot from Search Console showing position improvement.

What will you win?

You will win a whole hamper of POP prizes:

  1. The exclusive POP to the top award and badge for your site / email signature
  2. A listing on our POP To The Top winners page (with a link back to your site)
  3. A 2 month subscription or 60 credits for Page Optimizer
  4. We’ll share your POP story on our social media channels and promote you as a POP Pro

If you are not the first but your results are still awesome, don’t worry, we also have 5 runners up prizes who will get a special mention and 1 month/30 credits for using Page Optimizer!

The winner will be announced in week following the competition.

We are super excited to share your wins with others so get posting!

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