Sunsetting Pay As You Go POP Credits

Since the first days of PageOptimizer Pro, it has undergone a lot of great improvements. But, as Heraclitus said: “Change is the only constant”, and new updates are about to come. Today we are announcing a new major update that may affect you - the sunsetting of “Pay As You Go” credits on December 24th, 2018. Credits purchased up until the 24th December will not expire, you simply will no longer be able to purchase new “Pay As You Go” credits after this date.

Remaining Days To Purchase Pay As You Go Credits


*Any PAYG credits you buy now will not expire, you just will not be able to buy more PAYG credits after this time.


Can I still buy new credits before December, 24th? 

Yes, absolutely! You can still load up your account until midnight 24th December, 2018 (Pacific Time) at our legacy pricing of $1 a credit. 

What will happen to my credits after December, 24th?

No worries, your credits will not expire. If you wish to use the tool after December, 24th and have 0 credits, you will have to subscribe to one of our new subscription plans. 

New Monthly POP Plans Replacing PAYG Credits

From December 25th, 2018 you will have access to our new subscription plans. PAYG credits will no longer be available for purchase.


5 reports per month


Cancel any time


12 reports per month


Cancel any time


25 reports per month


Cancel any time


Unlimited reports per month


Cancel any time

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