PageOptimizer Pro DONE FOR YOU..

Haven't got the time to run reports and do the optimization yourself? No problem...

PageOptimizer Pro DONE FOR YOU* is a premium service which puts the power of PageOptimizer Pro directly in your hands without the time investment required by a standard user of the tool.

Our professional SEOs run PageOptimizer Pro for you, interpret the data and compile easy to understand, step-by-step instructions telling you how to improve your SEO pages for better rankings.

*We don't do certain regulated industries, including but not limited to: adult, gambling, and firearms.


PageOptimizer Pro DONE FOR YOU  is for anyone without the time to interpret and take action on reports from the tool or anyone needing a bit of an extra helping hand with selecting the right competitors and implementing best practice changes to their web pages.

You get the PageOptimizer Pro standard report plus a detailed manually written document explaining the changes to make to your site.

Includes changes to; Headers, Titles, Descriptions, Word Count, LSI Terms, Body Content, Bold & Italic, Page Markup and Image Alt for both Exact Match and Variation Key Words.

To learn more, watch the video!


When you order this you will be redirected through to to purchase the product and will then be asked by the High Voltage team to provide the info they need to run the DFY for you

POP + Cora + Content



1 target page

  • Receive in 5 business days
  • PageOptimizer Pro Report
  • Manually written page actions
  • Up to 500 words of top quality SEO content
  • 1 page Cora report
  • 1 round of amendments

POP + Cora



1 target page

  • Receive in 5 business days
  • PageOptimizer Pro Report
  • Manually written page actions
  • 1 page Cora report
  • 1 round of amendments


Are you a POP user but just need a little extra help figuring it out?

We suggest booking a free, 20min walk through with our support team here.

Are you unsure exactly what SEO you need but think this is a good place to start?

We suggest talking to one of our SEO consultants who can point you in the right direction. 

Would you like to get hands on experience of scientifically optimizing a page with the support of our POP experts?

We suggest checking out our Done With You: Scientific On Page Training Course.

Do you already know the phrase you want to rank but don't have the time or the desire to do the optimization yourself?

Then POP DFY is for you!

"I’m pleased with the “ Done For You” service and have used it on several pages and seen improved results in a very competitive niche.  Was pleasantly surprised at the quality copywriting and quick turnaround. Tried using your tool myself, but preferred the ease and expertise of the DFY. I have more work for you."

Lenette Hall / Sales & Marketing Manager

Money Back Guarantee

If you implement changes to your page as instructed by us and your page does not increase in Optimization Score* we will work for free until it does or give you a full refund.

*Increase in Optimization Score for your keyword is strongly correlated with improved rankings and traffic for your target page. PageOptimizer Pro holds discretion on when client is eligible for full refund of services. Preference is first given to improving page optimization. If client does not correctly implement changes as advised, no responsibility can be taken by PageOptimizer Pro.

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