November 15

How Long Does It Take To Learn Search Engine Optimization?

Kyle Roof

The first page of a search engine is the place to be for any business. The fact is, 92% of people will click on the results they find on the first page of google. As a business owner, you don’t want to be stuck with the odd 8% who might or might not scroll down into the gutters to find you.

You may be determined to learn SEO. But with your busy schedule, you don’t have much time to spare. The question you might have is, “how long does it take to learn Search Engine Optimization?” Well, the short answer to that question is a few months to forever.

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

 Before we dive into the SEO learning curve, we first have to understand what it is. Put simply, SEO is about the quality of your site and content to make it more visible. Search engines give priority to information which they consider most useful to users.

That means to get a good ranking for your website, your content must be relevant. This means you should answer the questions that people are asking. The whole point of SEO is about optimizing your online presence and content to improve its visibility and relevance.

Why is SEO Important?

Ranking high on search engines is a great marketing tool — because people search online for what they want! If you optimize for SEO, customers can find you and therefore your business improves. For the small business owner getting organic traffic is way cheaper than advertising. This is why no matter how long it takes to learn SEO, it’s usually always worth it.

How Long Does It Take To Learn Search Engine Optimization?

This is one question with no clear-cut answer. Here are some of the reasons why it’s hard to tell for sure the time it will take to learn SEO.

Everyone is different

Some people take a month whereas others take a year to learn the same thing. The SEO learning curve differs depending on the individual’s time, skill, and effort.

The learning method

How long you will take to learn Search Engine Optimization depends on the methods you’re using. There are many possible methods you can use such as Youtube videos, courses, and coaching. The program you choose will determine how fast or how slow you are.


The more time you put into research, reading, and practice the faster you learn. 

Theory versus practice

It’s one thing to learn the theoretical principles of SEO. It’s a whole other ball game to actually put theory to practice. The time it takes to learn Search Engine Optimization is shorter for theory than the actual action.

Changes in algorithms

Search engines change and update their ranking methods all the time, which is why learning SEO may be a never ending process.

Onsite/page SEO versus Technical SEO

Optimizing content for SEO is less high tech. It’s very different from the technical side of SEO. Some people find optimizing the site and the content easier to learn, while tech-savvy people may find the technical side easier and hence faster to learn.  


It’s easier to rank for some keywords more than others. So if your business uses less competitive keywords, then it will take a shorter time to get good SEO results.

To sum it up, it’s hard to say for sure how long it will take to learn SEO — but generally speaking, learning the basics of SEO may take a few months while the more advanced techniques may take six months to a few years. It’s always important to keep up to date with the latest changes and best practices of the SEO world. What can be said for sure is that learning SEO is a necessary tool for any business owner — so get going!

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