Is Keyword Density A Ranking Factor On YouTube?

While there is not an exact number for the ideal keyword density of a page, the placement and the amount of your keywords is definitely important and a ranking factor. We have proved that with POP. But does the same apply to YouTube content? Does the amount of keywords added to the description of your videos influence your ranking? Read on to find out!

P.s.: We conducted a similar test some months ago. With this test we aimed to confirm the results.

We set up the test like this..

We created a series of 10 videos and optimized them for a fake keyword. The description of all videos contained 450 words of random alpha text. The keyword densities were then set to different levels: 2 videos had a keyword density of 2%, 2 videos of 6%, 2 videos of 8% and 2 videos had a keyword density of 10%. Doubling allowed us to see the effects of page testing. 

Here is what we discovered

The previous test from months prior had a similar outcome. The image below shows the distribution of the different pages and their rank on Youtube and Google. While there is a clear correlation between keyword density and Google rank, the Youtube videos show no correlation at all.

Correlation Keyword Density and Rank

Final Takeaway

Keyword Density is a strong ranking factor for Google, but YouTube does not seem to react favorably to higher densities. Prior tests have indicated that YouTube merely needs to have the keyword present, but increasing the keyword count does little to impact YouTube rankings.

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