March 29

Is SEO a One Time Thing?


While the internet has given many small businesses a leg up, lots still do not have an online presence. This means that they only rely on walk-ins and offline marketing strategies to attract potential customers and make sales. Studies have revealed that almost half of the businesses with an online presence do not include SEO, otherwise known as Search Engine Optimization, in their marketing budgets.

SEO is the process of enhancing your website in order to improve its visibility for relevant searches. Failure to implement an effective SEO strategy can easily cause your online business to fail. You may have the most attractive and user-friendly website, but without SEO, it will be like a brick-and-mortar business without a door. But is SEO a one time thing? The truth is that SEO is an ongoing process that requires proper planning and sustainability. This article answers this question at length.

Reasons Why SEO Should Be Continuous

Stay Ahead of Your Competition

For starters, you need to understand that the whole purpose of SEO is to keep your website ranking highly on the search engine results pages (SERPs). The higher your site ranks, the more visitors it will receive. Unfortunately, your competitors are also working day and night to improve their ranking. That means that if you do not want to be outranked by your competitors, you have to conduct your SEO campaigns continuously using every resource available in your arsenal.

Changing SEO Rules

Since unscrupulous website owners and developers are always inventing deceptive and black hat SEO tactics, search engines like Google are constantly forced to change and enhance their search algorithms. These changes may affect your search ranking, pushing your website farther down the SERPs. To avoid this, you have to keep updating your SEO strategies, which ensures that they are in line with the latest search algorithms and rules. Continuous SEO helps to keep your website as SEO-friendly as possible and helps you stay on top of the competition.

Developing Good Content Must Be Continuous

Every SEO campaign should involve the development of good content for your website. In fact, studies have shown that the highest-ranking websites are constantly updating their content. In addition to this, search engines normally give prominence to websites with fresh and relevant content. 

If you want your website to be noticed by the various search engines, you have to update your content continuously. This includes posting new articles, blogs, reviews, and other types of content on a weekly basis — if not daily.

Keep Up with the Changing Online Marketplace

With the ever-changing online marketplace, it’s almost impossible for website owners to keep up with the latest trends. This means that although the set of keywords and title tags you have used today may produce great SEO results, they may not be effective a few weeks later. That’s why you have to constantly improve and re-evaluate your SEO strategies. You should also re-optimize your keywords continuously in order to keep your content and web pages visible.

Changing Search User Behavior

As the online marketplace changes, search user behaviors also change. For instance, users may not use the same set of keywords they used today to search for the same information tomorrow. You will find that the popularity or effectiveness of certain keywords goes down after some time. If you stick with the old keyword set, you will lose to your competitors who may be targeting new keywords. 

It’s always important to continuously validate your content through keyword research. This helps you to know which keywords are more relevant at a particular time.

Establishing a Positive Online Reputation  

For your website to establish and maintain a positive online reputation, it requires continuous SEO campaigns. These campaigns enable you to share important information about your brand, products, or services with as many people as possible. They also ensure your website remains on top of SERPs.

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