June 2020: POP Tool Improvements Update

​​Dear POP User,
Once again doing SEO just got a lot easier after our latest update! If you are a professional SEO, we’ve cut down the time it takes to build a strategy for your content. If you are a beginner, we’ve eliminated the guesswork for you. Let’s take a look at your new optimization process:

1. Optimize your Content based on your Personal Strategy and Approach

You now have the option to pick different strategies and approaches for your content optimization. Every page is different and so are the competitors. Choosing the strategy and the approach you want to follow enables you to tailor the POP recommendations to your specific needs and SEO situation.

You can choose different strategies depending on the competitors or the signals you would like to compare your page to. This can either be all competitors or only your focus competitors. You can also choose a strategy based on the signals adjusted to your word count or based on the highest numbers for each signal.

The approach you choose determines how aggressive you conduct your optimization. You can pick between a regular, conservative, aggressive, or a hyper aggressive approach.

Tool Updates

This may seem like a lot of choices but don’t worry, there are in-depth explanations to help you make the right one. 

Tool Updates

We also make recommendations on which strategy to use. 

Tool Updates

Once you have made your selection, POP will display your Optimization Score based on your strategy and approach. As you make improvements, your personalized Optimization Score will improve.

Tool Updates

2. Live Count Recommendations 

​If you are using the POP Chrome extension you are now able to see the current word count recommendations while you are editing your content.

Tool Updates

3. Variations and LSI Terms

Maybe you have seen a shift in your recommendations for keyword variations and LSI terms. This is due to the fact that our algorithm updated with the latest Google update.

That’s it for this month. Now it’s on you: check out the new proces and bring your optimization to the next level!

                                                                                           June 6th

                                                                                           June 15th

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