May 2020: POP Tool Improvements Update

​How did you get through the Google Update on May 4th? Still struggling to recover? As always, we’ve got your back! The POP algorithm has been updated to stay ahead of Google's latest update! Read on to find out what else is new in POP.

1. Extended Possibilities for Local Targeting

With the POP Chrome Extension you can already search for competitors by country - either your own or another. But what if you are targeting a particular city? Watch the video to find out more.

2. Add and Remove LSI Terms and Variations

During your page setup you now have the option to add or remove LSI terms and keyword variations. This allows you to focus only on the terms that are relevant to you.

add or remove LSI terms or variations

3. Simple Editing with Google Docs

Up until now, if you wanted to check your content within a Google Doc, you needed to publish the document to the web, run POP, and then stop publishing. Editing in Google Docs is now way easier. You don't need to publish the document to the web anymore. With the new Chrome Extension you can just check your work like you do in WordPress or other content systems. 

4. Bug Fixes and Speed Improvement

​​As always we fixed some bugs to make sure POP is running smoothly for you. We were also able to take one minute off the run time!

                                                                                           June 6th

                                                                                           June 15th

Still no movement of the test page.