New Feature: Content Brief

While other tools play catch up, POP continues to innovate. A new and awesome POP feature is available: The POP Content Brief!

You might be thinking, other tools have a Content Brief. Those tools have a content brief to help you write better content. Writing better content is good and POP has that, but POP also has an algorithm designed to give your better content an edge on your competitors. POP’s edge analysis is the difference. Simply put, the POP Content Brief makes better content and advanced SEO simple. Whether you are an experienced SEO or a content writer, the Content Brief makes writing and editing effective SEO content easier and simpler for anyone.
Let’s dive right in:

The Content Brief

In order to use the new Content Brief, create a new report or re-run an existing report. If you re-run an existing report select "make changes” to re-run all steps.

You will then be able to see the Content Brief tab. It’s an easy-to-read dashboard that gives you all the data you need to optimize the content of your target page for a certain keyword. What is new about it? The Content Brief makes all the hard decisions for you. All the judgement calls you would need to make in SEO have been done. Now, to get effective SEO, you just need to implement.

PageOptimizer pro Content Brief

The Content Brief is broken up into 3 easy to understand sections: Page Title, Subheadings, and Main Content. These sections are what you would think they are. Your Page Title is the Title of your page. Subheadings are the section headers of your page. Main content is the main area on your page where you write about your topic. For each section POP tells you the effective range for important terms. For each section you should write your best content and then edit to make sure you hit the correct range for your important terms. 

Page Title and Subheadings Sections

PageOptimizer pro Content Brief

Main Content Section

PageOptimizer pro Content Brief

Quickly identify important terms that you should focus on

PageOptimizer pro Content Brief

Content Brief’s New Optimization Score
The Content Brief has a simplified Optimization Score. The Optimization Score is relative to the recommendations in the Content Brief. The goal is to get to 100% and you should be able to get there, every time.

PageOptimizer pro Content Brief

Writing Better Content
This part is huge. POP provides your competitors' titles so that you can get inspiration on a title that Google will like. Related Keywords are provided so that you can build pages that rank for more keywords and get more traffic. Lastly, questions about your keyword are provided. These questions help you answer the questions your visitors have. Use them to create great content on your target page. You can also use the questions for content on your site that links to your target page to create relevancy.

PageOptimizer pro Content Brief

Signals Strategies are Still Available
If you prefer to dive in and do your SEO signal by signal do not worry. POP still has you covered. We still have customizable SEO Signals Strategies. Click Priority Tasks. In that tab select Signals. From here POP you can choose your Strategy and Approach for a customized SEO Signals Strategy. No other tool provides this type of nuanced approach. Once you have chosen your strategy click “Save Recommendations” and your custom Signals Optimization Score will be locked in to all cards and excel downloads.

PageOptimizer pro Content Brief

The Difference Between Content Brief Optimization Score and Signals Optimization Score
The Signals Optimization Score is different from the Content Brief Optimization Score. The Signals score is relative to how optimized you are relative to your competitors. Advanced SEOs will be more comfortable with this score as they know getting to 100% isn’t always possible or desirable. The reason is that there are judgement calls that need to be made. In contrast, the Content Brief has made those judgement calls for you and the simplified Optimization Score is measuring your completion of the Content Brief recommendations.

Recommendations in Google Docs or your Website Editor
Whether you use Google Docs for your content creation, edit in WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, Wix, or many more, you can get the Content Brief recommendations directly where you are writing. Using the Secret Key, you can give your writers the Content Brief Recommendations without having to give them access to your POP account.

PageOptimizer pro Content Brief

If you are looking to do effective SEO quickly, the Content Brief from POP is right for you.

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