November 3

October 2020: POP Tool Improvements Update


We’ve made some massive tool improvements in October and we can’t wait to share them with you. From the greatly enhanced POP Content Editor to optimized content workflow, improved navigation, content brief scoring system, and several other significant updates, the month of October was big!

As Ernest Hemingway said: “Show the readers everything, tell them nothing.” So let’s jump right in!

1. The POP Content Editor

We have improved the look, feel, and function of the POP Content Editor.  

The editor now opens in its own tab so that it's full screen.  POP’s recommendations as well as your current page are pulled into the editor so that you can see how changes to your page will affect your Content Brief Optimization Score.  You can check your score and important term counts an unlimited number of times in the Content Editor without using a report credit.

If you haven’t built your page yet, your content team can use a blank editor to write and save their work in POP. 

How to move your Content Editor work into your live target page

In order to move the content you’ve just optimized into your live target page, download the HTML version of your page by clicking the Download Edited Code button below the content screen.

2. Content Workflow just got easier

Unlimited and Agency Plan users can give their content teams a secret URL for easy access to the content editor for specific pages within projects. Your content writer will not have to log into your POP account — their work can be saved in POP. Your writers can also check their scores and counts quickly in the editor. Checking your optimization score or important term counts in the editor does not count towards any report credit limits.

3. POP Dashboard - A new clean look for easy navigation

The dashboard tabs are now divided into Standard and Advanced. Standard is the Content Brief.  Advanced Strategies, the legacy signal by signal approach is located in the advanced tab.

4. Select Advanced Strategies as Default

Users who prefer customized Advanced Strategies can set their preference as a default when setting up a project.

Preference for Advanced Strategies can also be switched after a project and can be found in the Projects Settings area.

5. Search by Report ID

There is a small update to the search feature in the top left corner of your sidebar. You can now search by report IDs so that teams can quickly find the reports they need to work on.

6. New Content Brief Scoring System

With many people providing us feedback that the Content Brief Scoring System was too restrictive, we listened and made the decision to "loosen" it. Now, you will see your score improve as you make recommended changes — even small ones — to your pages. With the new scoring, we anticipate that your current scores may drop a little bit. This is okay. As you add important terms to your page, you will see your Optimization Score improve. This may be a good time to recheck your pages to see where they stand and how they can improve.

That’s it for the month of October! As always, we welcome any and all feedback from you. 

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