February – January 2020: POP Tool Improvements Update

We may have been quiet so far this year, but we have most definitely been hard at work! Our biggest update is the brand new ToDo Tab, which can be found in your POP dashboard. Trust me, this will make your content optimization that much easier. Check it out, along with a few other recent updates:

1. ToDo Tab: All Your Action Items in One Place

Look no further - in your ToDo tab you will find all the top recommendations for your target page.

ToDo Tab

The Quick List will be populated automatically based on all regular recommendations. It is also downloadable.

Quick List

The Checklist is your custom list, based on recommendations you added manually. Here you can follow your optimization process and add and remove recommendations from the list.


2. More Relevant LSI Terms

We have updated how LSI terms are calculated so that your list consists of more relevant terms.

3. POP Runs Significantly Faster

Updated processors have brought POP to the next level in terms of speed.

                                                                                           June 6th

                                                                                           June 15th

Still no movement of the test page.