September 2019: POP Tool Improvements Update

We are constantly working hard to improve POP for you. This involves fixing bugs but also adding new and exciting features to improve and speed up your target page optimization.

From now on you can read about all new POP features in our monthly blog post. This month we are especially happy to introduce you to the content editor. The editor makes updating the content of your pages easier than ever before. Check it out:

1. Speed up your Content Optimization

How do you go through the process of optimizing a target page? You run the page in POP, log in to your content management system, update the content, and run POP again. And sometimes you repeat these steps several times.

The Content Editor will speed up this process. Now you can edit the content of your target page directly in POP and re-run it after you are done editing. Once you are happy with the result and reached a good score, you can copy and paste the content from POP to your target page. 

Here is how it works:

  • Go to your recommendations and add the ones that you want to implement to the checklist.
  • Click on the Content Editor on the right.

  • As an exemplary user you probably already use the Chrome extension to choose competitors. The extension will also add your source code to the content editor automatically. As an alternative you can manually paste the source code of your target page into the editor.
POP Checklist on the right

  • Your checklist appears on the right and updates automatically shortly after you make the changes to the editor. This lets you work through your checklist with ease.

2. Save time by downloading several reports at once

You can now download several POP reports at once. Open a report and go to the Report History. Once you have checkmarked several reports, an icon to download all of them appears at the top right.

Download several reports at once

3. Bug Fixes

And as always we have fixed some bugs to ensure POP is running smoothly for you.

How do you like the new Content Editor? We are always happy for your feedback, so don't be shy and share!

That’s it for now but stay tuned - we are working on a special surprise for you, if you are using structured data (which you should of course).

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