November 19

Best Practices From The Pop To The Top Awards Winner: Dominating With Lorem Ipsum Text


best practices from the POP To the top awards Winner: dominating with Lorem ipsum text

One month ago we launched our very first POP To The Top Awards - a competition to find the current #1 user of PageOptimizer, someone who has achieved outstanding results just through following the tool’s recommendations.

Not only did POP users get a chance to share their proud wins with others, but they could also win a whole hamper of POP prizes!

Today we are happy to share the fascinating story of the winner - Sherman Hu!

Meet Sherman - the winner of POP To The Top Awards

Sherman is not just a Web Marketing Strategist with over 15 years of experience. He coached thousands of business owners about web marketing and WordPress through his video tutorials and workshops, created web marketing curriculum for an Atlanta-based eCommerce-marketing training university and even produced and hosted (!) a weekly web TV show.

His agency focuses on something that each business wants to have optimised: SEO & GMB (Google My Business) Maps Marketing.

The POP Story

"On Oct 14, 2018, I published an internal landing page quickly as I had other projects that needed my attention. I remembered Kyle had won an SEO contest using Lorem Ipsum for body text (Read Here to know the real reason Kyle Roof's site got to #1 in Google for Rhinoplasty Plano), and in light of time sensitivity, and  a  curiosity if it'd work for me, I output the exact word count POP suggested in the form of Lorem Ipsum text".

The steps that Sherman took were the following:

  1. Added KW (CITY Google 360 Photographer) in Page Title, Permanlink/Slug, and H1
  2. Targeted Word Count = 864 words (using Lorem Ipsum latin text, coming in at 845 words)

He published the page, fetched it via Google, linked image to it from the home page and forgot about it. Ten days later, Sherman got a call from a competitor with an offer to team up. Why?...

Sherman found himself at the top of Maps and Local Search across 6 KW variations (one of them with Lorem Ipsum text)!

Note: Google has begun de-indexing Lorem Ipsum pages and handing out Manual Penalties to webmasters with the status “Pure Spam”, this may be the end of the golden days of Lorem Ipsum.

Thank you, everyone, for proving once again that using PageOptimizer can be easy and fun! And If you haven't won anything - no worries! There are more exciting opportunities to come very soon.

*Get 3 free reports. No credit card required.

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