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As voted by the IMG SEO Community. From a total 3,300, members we received 318 votes. Here are the results... 

This is the official list of SEOs worthy of acknowledgment for the value they’ve put back into our industry in 2020 as voted by a science based community of over 3,300 SEO professionals called Internet Marketing Gold.

Last month, we asked our community to share their top 3 influencers in 2020 who, in their opinion, contributed the most by creating SEO content, their favorite SEO tools, running online groups, etc.

We received over 318 votes from community members, who submitted the names of their favorite SEOs and the reason why they were worthy of winning the title. The final lists consists of 20 influencers ranked by the number of votes (from highest to lowest).

If you find yourself in this list, congratulations! You are officially the creme de la creme of SEO as voted by the people! 

Craig Campbell

Ted Kubaitis

Kyle Roof

Craig Campbell

Ted Kubaitis

Honorable Mentions

Barry Adams, Income School, David Harry, Igor Shulezhko, Mark Luckenbaugh, Jim Ng, Will Tribe, Tim Soulo, Rand Fishkin, Paul Andre De Vera, Marie Haynes, Brandon Olson, Daniel Cuttridge, Jo Priest, Terry Power, Beata Szoke, Roman Barnes.

Community Entries

1. Craig Campbell

"The guy has helped accelerate my career and my business this year without a doubt", - Ryan Darani

"Dude puts out a crazy amount of content every day, super approachable and works exactly like I do. This guys gives away so many secrets", - Craig Mullins

"Man is the real deal. He's helped oversee the growth of Pearl Lemon (my agency) from 120 leads a month to 200 leads a month in just a couple of weeks", - Deepak Shukla

"Craig Campbell is my choice. He's always willing to share his knowledge free of charge and he's got this stuff down", - Rich Webdevoman

"I’ve personally worked with him and the knowledge, guidance, advice and support has been absolutely invaluable. His commitment to sharing knowledge is commendable, turning up everyday, showcasing other experts, sharing knowledge that you can’t find anywhere else. As the pandemic hit its peak Craig’s courses were made available free of charge to help people get started or improve on their existing SEO practices", - Victoria Byrne

"Craig Campbell for sure, for his knowledge bombs and absolutely amazing YouTube Channel, packed with free SEO and internet marketing advice!" - Cristina Vuple

"...for sharing what he does and bringing the community together with Matt Diggity - best SEO course, best community support", - Olesia Korobka

"Craig Campbell is the most knowledgeable SEO person. He has proved his expertise over and over in his keynotes as a speaker and on his Youtube Channel. In addition, Craig is a great person, he is very friendly and always happy to collaborate with others. He is the best SEO influencer of all the times!" - Karina Tama - Rutigliano

2. Kyle Roof

"Kyle Roof (maybe I'm biased) for his incredible knowledge and creative testing ideas", - Darren Williams

"My intro to Kyle was from SIA promo emails - talking about testing, which got me hooked. Then Kyle's course for SIA. And ultimately the infamous Lorem Ipsum contest which made me a fan!!" - Kartik Ramachandran

"He showed me that you can win without "the dark side", - Adam T

"...for being the best teacher, mentor, making us all passionate about SEO and keeping us motivate to always go step further (even if we sometimes do not realize that", - Marija Dubretic

"Such an inspiration and so grounded to speak to. A pleasure to meet in real life.", - David Oggy

"Seeing that first presentation in Rockstars started me setting up tests and then he and Ryan getting me involved in SIA and IMG 2-3 years ago forged a path to some interesting discoveries. Obviously none of us would be here without his influence and the team he works with", - Jo Priest

"Who knew my question of "What do you mean you test in Google with fake keywords?" back in 2015 would have led me here? That conference changed the trajectory of my SEO", - Carolyn Holzman

"...all the data and testing and his POP app that he made so affordable to the community", - Nix Lee

"...he has time for everyone big and small in SEO, and his testing speaks for itself. The rightful king of on-page SEO and more", - Sei Kato

3. Ted Kubaitis

"Groundbreaking visionary leading the field and constantly sharing his knowledge. I love the way Ted is always looking to lift people up", - Lauren Proctor

"A long time ago - I stumbled upon CORA when it was open for beta testing. I did not understand then- one word of what the software was capable of doing. But it blew my mind, that it was using science/maths for SEO. That changed my entire perspective of SEO", - KartikK Ramachandran

"CORA changed the way I do SEO", - Darren Williams

"Made me look at SEO differently while chatting over a sampler platter at a CA RedRobin", - Adam T

"Ted Kubaitis for opening up and making the more technical side of SEO very interesting", - Patric Melander

"Yes for Cora, for the ability to look under the hood, but in no small way for his generosity of questioning and inclusion. For keeping us all humble in reminding us that the algo is a moving target both when it's working and when it's not. And that even a failed test can be a success", - Carolyn Holzman

4. Matt Diggity

“Except for the fact that he sucks at Tiktok, and he should quit it... He is quite a business guy. I'd love to learn from him”, - Brent Jacobs

“He knows his stuff, and this is where I ultimately want to go in SEO”, - Josh Sutton

“Best SEO course, best community support”, - Olesia Korobka

“One of the best when it comes to affiliate marketing”, - Azedine Djedid

5. Lee Witcher

"While I know he does nothing without a reason, he has wrangled and nurtured a disparate group of programmers and html SEO testers that both challenge and support each other as we poke away at the edges of Google. God bless him for that alone. While he does not seek out fame or glory, his love of questioning and problem solving is infectious along with his generosity in sharing what he sees and pushing us to all be better SEOs. He has taken SEO testing to a higher heights and at the same time more accessible", - Carolyn Holzman

"Herding Cats who Test! 🙂 Toughest SEO challenge ever invented", - Ted Kubaitis

"My interactions with Lee have always been fun along with innumerable knowledge bombs. Lee's patience with me, when my testing sites got de-indexed, and me loosing track, keeps goading me to get back to it. Lee scout's honor - will get to this!" - Karthik Ramachandran

6. Steve Toth

“SaaS SEO Legend, runs gives away insanely expert advice in a FREE SEO NEWSLETTER!” - Chris Labbate

“...for just giving SO much back to the community and working tirelessly without asking for anything in return. Thousands of us have taken and implemented his notes and probably never even said thanks. So thanks Steve”, - Andrew Steven

“...teases everyone weekly with his latest tips and has people checking their inbox like trained monkeys every week for his latest share. Humble guy who has the right mindset. Influences people at scale as every week his tip is replicated by most readers”, - Shen Pollard

“Brilliant SEO notebooks every week”, - Eddie Lee

“SEO NoteBook (and not just bc he featured me once, lol) - it's an AMAZING resource, and I don't miss a single weekly post he does for it! He shares EASY, actionable tips every single week that NOBODY else is talking about”, - Jeff Lenney

7. Clint Butler

“Dude is a machine, Youtube SEO Videos made Weekly, SEO Tester, Top Rated Award Winning Agency, Owner or is a Partner in Multiple SEO Mastermind Groups, Doesn't mind sharing his Knowledge, Course Creator, Need I go On?” - Chris Labbate

“What do I say ? Can only borrow Chris Labbate 's words. This guy is a machine. You go to any worthwhile SEO group/mastermind you will find Clint Butler contributing and helping others in the community. I wonder where he finds the time to do all of this?” - Karthik Ramachandran

“Clint is everywhere and always sharing his knowledge. I appreciate that Clint always shares his opinion exactly the way he sees it”, - Lauren Proctor

“Clint Butler for all his amazing content he is willing to share”, - Patric Melander

8. Robbie Richards

“I've learned more from his SEO course than any other course in quite some time. He helped me up my competition research, keyword research game, and a lot more”, - Jeff Lenney

“Personally, I feel his no nonsense tutorials are thorough and a good starting point for quality audits and a place to go for sound tactics. He holds positions for terms like keyword research tools, link building strategies - competing alongside Brian Dean and Neil Patel but imo provides more actionable content. I would hope that anyone that reads or has gone through his courses are influenced by what he teaches”, - Jo Priest

“Simple actionable tutorials”, - Syeed Zeehan

“Step by step actionable SEO advice”, - Eddie Lee

9. Peter Van der Graaf

“From wathcing a single interview on Craig Campbells show, totally changed my thinking into what is possible. Shifted my mindset to looking at a much bigger picture than single page/site rankings. He has influenced countries mindsets”, - Jo Priest

10. Marija Dubretic

“...for taking Kyle's ideas, researching them further and dare I say improving/expanding on them”, - Laura Klein

11. Gael Breton & Mark Webster

“Both of these spark new ideas when I'm stuck with projects and need some outside of the box ideas”, - Bianca Joswiak

12. M. Isse

“Test Machine”, - Ted Kubaitis

13. Daryl Rosser

“He is the man behind every successful SEO campaign”, - Kherk Roldmanc

14. Chris Labbate

“Watch his structured data markup video and its awesome! Also we're in the same facebook group - on page academy and gotch academy.(Always wanted to say Hi!)”, - Jeff T

“His energy inspires me to push harder”, - Carolyn Holzman

15. Matthew Woodward

“Where I got my start with this whole thing”, - Marcus Erwin

“Has introduced SEO to many people and also made it easy to consume”, - Adam T

16. Carolyn Holzman

“It's only a matter of time before her testing really starts changing the industry”, - Ted Kubaitis

17. Steven Kang

“For running the finest SEO Facebook group out there. His group is run so much better than any others and hell knows how he creates so many freaking SEO memes, some of which are pretty funny”, - Andrew Steven

18. Aleyda Solis

“Great speaker to listen and learn from some international SEO techniques and always has something new and interesting to share”, - Marija Dubretic

19. Chris Palmer

“Chris Palmer is the man!!” - Shane Hooper

20. Mike Pearse

“Hands down the best technical SEO today”, - Bianca Joswiak

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