What is the Best Website Platform for SEO?

Having the best SEO content possible is key for a website’s success. For a website to be found through search like Google, its content must be fully optimized for it to rank highly. That means employing all manner of important features like keywords, backlinks, headers, and quality content.

However, doing so in a way that search engines can “read” your site to find the most suitable page for a searcher’s query can be complicated to do in practice. Plus, it’s a target that must be hit from the beginning of a website’s life. If content is not optimized for search engines, it simply will never be found and quickly get sucked into the two billion other web pages that currently exist.

There are, however, tools you can use to help improve your SEO. So what is the best website platform for SEO? We list them below so that you can find the tool that works best for you and your business. Remember, for these tools to be of any use, you need to be able to leverage them to their fullest potential. If you find them difficult to use, the danger is you simply won’t — thus minimizing your changes for fully optimized web page content.

Best Website Platforms for SEO

These are our recommendations for improving your website’s SEO. They should help take the headache out of keyword research and other good SEO features so that your web page ranks highly in searches from the very start.


Squarespace is a website builder that helps produce sleek and professional websites that are easy to create and then to navigate. The websites that users build will be encouraged to have strong SEO practices due to many of the features of the Squarespace software. For example, clean HTML markup which makes Squarespace web pages indexed with ease (and therefore found) by Google. Other practices the website builder encourages are the use of keywords in headings and meta descriptions and optimal title tags.


SurferSEO is a good tool to use when writing blogs or other long-form web page content. The tool can be installed into writing packages like Google docs so that while you’re writing content, you’re including all the phrases and words the tool suggests. It’s straightforward and easy to use as well as helpful in improving your content by telling you what to include. It does so by analyzing data on the internet about what content is actually viewed by users.


SEMRush claims that it helps its users stay creative while the technology behind its software takes care of data analysis that informs the very best SEO. While it may not be for every content creator out there, in the main it does have a simple interface that helps users conduct competitor research and organic research so users can target the best keywords for their business. Additionally, the software has a backlink checker as well as a site audit, which can be very helpful for providing useful hints to improve a website overall.

PageOptimizer Pro

PageOptimizer Pro is a great tool to help your website improve its SEO and make it as good as it can be right from the start. It’s easy and intuitive to use, plus it importantly is accurate in its suggestions so that pages move up rankings thus improving clickthrough rates. What’s great about it is that it works “on page” so that you can quickly see the amendments you are making without any clunky workarounds like other SEO tools sometimes use.

Conclusion on website SEO platforms

The importance of a website to a business cannot be underestimated given how our lives are moving increasingly online. However, it’s not a simple task building a website and it’s tricky populating a site with content that is high in quality but also easy to find through a search engine. Using SEO tools like the ones suggested above are an easy way that businesses can help ensure they not only rank highly in searches, but stay ranking highly in searches.