What is the Purpose of Search Engine Optimization?

From finding the best restaurant in the town to finding real estate, customers rely on search engines to find just about everything nowadays. Whichever websites the search engine result pages show at the top are generally deemed to be few of the best ones and thus have the most traffic compared to the websites located lower in the result page.

Now imagine you have the most perfect website, you provide the best services or products of a niche, and you offer the most affordable prices. But somehow major search engines never show your website in the top results or even in their first page of results. So how can you increase the web site’s rank in SERP (Search Engine Results Page)? Well, if you were wondering “What is the purpose of search engine optimization?” — this is it.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO improves your website’s ranking in SERP and subsequently increases its exposure and visibility. Implementing SEO strategies on your website will not only increase the quantity of the website’s traffic but the quality as well. 

How SEO Works

Have you ever wondered how search engines like Google or Safari or Edge choose which websites to show on their result pages and in which order? Well, search engines have bots or crawlers that crawl across the world wide web that gather information from page to page and put it all into a table. Next, different algorithms for different search engines analyze that index while taking several hundreds of ranking factors into account and then determine the correct order in which the web pages should be displayed. 

Search Engine Optimization strategies take these factors into account and optimize your website accordingly in order to improve your rank on the result pages. Implementing SEO will bring in organic traffic to your website, unlike paid search ads. 

Why Is SEO Important for Your Business

Many website owners disregard the importance of SEO and instead rely on paid ads to promote their website on search engines. However, the traffic that is generated by those ads stops as soon as the website stops paying for them. That means that ads might bring in temporary traffic to your website, but the results are not long-lasting.

SEO, however, is a strategy that makes sure that your website always stays in the topmost ranks of the result page and thus maintains permanency in their effects. Here is how SEO can help your website.

Bring In Quality Traffic

SEO targets quality traffic with its inbound marketing strategy. Outbound marketing strategy is when you advertise your information whether the customer wants it or not. This traditional strategy is completely marketer centric and nowadays is considered fairly intrusive. On the other hand, inbound marketing strategy makes it easy for customers to find your information only when the customers are searching for it. As a more customer-centric strategy, SEO gives your website traffic from only the ones that are genuinely interested in it.

Bring in More Traffic Than PPC

PPC or Pay Per Click are essentially advertisements that appear in a Search Engine Result Page before the actual results. While some website owners usually think that PPC is the best choice to receive exposure, it’s proven that over 70% of searches result in the user clicking on the organic results instead of these PPCs. This is simply due to the fact that customers trust the algorithms of search engines to find out the best websites out there and show it to them.

That’s why implementing SEO can help you gain the trust of your customers and consequently bring in more traffic to your website.