April 8

Why is My Website Not Ranking On Google?


There are several reasons why a site is poorly ranked or no longer ranking at all. Site position can deteriorate seasonally or due to natural causes. For example, some sites always have low traffic during the holidays. However, there are other reasons for the deterioration or lack of ranking. So if you’re asking yourself, “Why is my website not ranking on google?” we’re here to answer that question. 

Updating algorithms

New search algorithms or updates of old algorithms often cause a fall in position of the site. To learn new updates, it’s necessary to follow the news on different resources. Forums, blogs, and social networks give the latest information about Google search updates. They usually have a heated discussion about new Google algorithms and how to deal with them.

Getting caught under the filter 

A site with artificial link building or the purchase of external links may fall under the filters of Google. The damage from sanctions varies: from falling positions of the site, to its complete exclusion from extradition and the search engine index. After the sanction, the site may lose from 20 to 100+ positions. The length and severity of the filters depends on how serious the rule violation was, and how quickly the creator corrects it.

Filters apply to the site automatically for non-compliance with the requirements of search engine algorithms. This is one of the most frequent causes of loss of site positions, and sometimes the complete disappearance. The reasons for which the site may receive penalties or fall under the filters are many, including keyword stuffing, unnatural links, hidden text on pages, low-quality content, as well as hacking and insecure sites.

Changes to the site

Any changes can lead to a temporary drop in traffic. The degree of decrease in the ranking is directly proportional to the changes to the site — the more changes to the site the worse the ranking. Major changes such as a change in site design, structure, or links can cause a decline in rankings for many months. In order to speed up the site’s ranking with major changes, it’s necessary to conduct a thorough check of the site. It’s also necessary to check the addresses of the promoted pages must not change, external links are real, the site is safe, and that the site complies with the rules of the search engine. 

High competition

For beginners in a niche, it can be difficult to hold high positions when there’s a lot of competition — and to get to the top is even more difficult. The good news is that this can be a motivating factor to improve a site and work on its SEO constantly.

To compete and get ahead of your competitors, it’s necessary to constantly monitor their site and to learn from their mistakes. Pay attention to external links, content, and structure of competitor sites. Based on this analysis, build your improved website and constantly refine it. In addition to this, be vigilant and find unnatural links or quick user visits. Make sure it’s not the work of dishonest competitors who have tried to lower the authority and behavioral factor of your site.

Optimization over the pages of the site is worthwhile. For this, work on the basic SEO factors of the page. Pick the right headlines and keywords to each page, build the right page structure, and increase the loading speed of the site. Google bots will notice the improvements made and will raise up your site by several ranking positions. 


Problems with the ranking can happen both outside and inside the site including factors caused by Google updates, competitor interference, and hacker attacks. In the case of problems with competitors, you need to contact Google tech support, and in the case of updates look for the answer on various forums. Internal factors controlled by the creators of sites and are also eliminated by them. To improve the ranking of your website, it’s necessary to constantly fill the site with quality content, analyze competitors, and monitor compliance with the rules of Google.

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