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What is PageOptimizer Pro?

PageOptimizer Pro (POP) is an on page SEO tool that helps web marketers produce perfectly optimized pages for Google with ease.

POP is based on Kyle Roof’s Scientific On Page SEO Method and backed by 400+ tests (so far) on the Google Algorithm.

POP is So Easy to Use

Whether you're an SEO pro, a content writer or a complete SEO beginner, POP's flexible workflows are designed to ensure your web content will be beautifully optimized for Google in no time at all.


  • Full Control

  • express 

Use Full Control setup if you want to select your own competitors and important terms.

Input your domain, target page and the primary keyword for the page. Then choose your competitors from a list and tell POP which geo you’re targeting. You can also add or subtract from the list of important terms for your page.


  • Content Brief

  • Chrome Extension

  • Content Editor

  • Advanced Mode

“Great on-page is the foundation to ranking. POP will get you to the top of Google, much safer and costs less than links.”

Keith Evans, SEO Consultant


The POP Content Brief is like having a top level SEO looking over your shoulder and giving you the best advice. 

Step 1. Open your Report Card & hit the Standard button to open the Content Brief.

Step 2. You can export your Content Brief as a spreadsheet or work from the dashboard. Implement the recommendations on your web page.

Step 3. Once you've applied your updates, re-run the Content Brief until you're happy with your score. 

Beat your competition with POP Watchdog 

How do you ensure that your page holds winning positions amidst Google updates or your competitors constantly trying to outrank you? The solution to this uncertainty is POP Watchdog.

POP Watchdog catches changes in your competitors, alerts you and tells you what you need to tweak on your page to outrank your competition. POP Watchdog monitors SERP changes weekly, monthly, or quarterly.

Don't let Google updates hit your site with POP NLP and E-E-A-T features

Most of the sites we've seen hit by Google updates all had issues with E-E-A-T so it’s not a matter of "if" but "when" your site will be checked for E-E-A-T signals.

To keep POP users safe from E-E-A-T penalties, we’ve updated and improved the E-E-A-T POP feature with new signals and have integrated AI to improve the accuracy, quality and speed of the recommendations.

Science Behind POP

POP uses a US-patented ranking factor scoring system to tell you the most important things to optimize on your page for more traffic and better rankings.

Kyle has dedicated nearly a decade of his life to SEO testing. He has also published the results of more than 400 scientific tests he has conducted. Over the years, Kyle has developed and fine tuned a method to test whether single variables are ranking factors in Google's algorithm.

This method was officially granted a patent in January 2020 (US Patent #10,540,263 B1); validating Kyle's techniques and distinguishing him from other Search Engine professionals.

Brands Who Use PageOptimizer Pro

Case Studies

Case Study #1

Having established a solid offline presence of over 300 retailers, this company was looking to grow direct sales through eCommerce on their website by growing the organic traffic. Through following the instructions given by PageOptimizer Pro, they achieved a 2,800% increase in organic traffic. As a result, the number of monthly potential customers went up from 170 to 5000.

Case Study #2

This small independent rental car provider had tough times competing against more than 50 world leaders in the rental car industry. After following PageOptimizer Pro instructions and creating a well optimized brand new page for a specific vehicle type keyword, the page was ranking in the top 3 positions in Google after 4 weeks.

POP Tells You the Exact Placement on Your Page for…


Keyword Variations

LSI Terms

Word Count Range

Header Tags


PageOptimizer Pro is For...

PageOptimizer Pro is for anyone who publishes content on the web and wants it to rank better in Search Engines. Most users find that after using POP on their target web pages they see fast ranking improvements.


As an SEO agency ourselves, we run PageOptimizer Pro on every single page we work on to give us peace of mind the on page SEO is generating maximum bang for buck. Great on page is the first step and sometimes the only step needed for great rankings and traffic.


Keep your SEO agency or online marketing team in check and verify their writing is well optimized for Google. Present easy to understand metrics to non SEO’s to get management buy in.


Now you too can publish content to the web like a seasoned SEO pro. Use PageOptimizer Pro to show your clients the content you are writing is well SEO optimised, boost your reputation and increase your prices!


Use PageOptimizer Pro to easily demonstrate to prospects why they need to hire you. Implement the tool’s recommendations, then use the page scoring to show your clients how much you’ve improved their SEO content. They’ll never leave!

Affiliate Marketer

Pimp the on page SEO on your pages that are already converting but just need more traffic. With simple to implement page tweeks and no link building, you’ll be amazed at the fast improvements you can get to traffic and rankings


Many SEO tools are expensive costing well over $100 a month. PageOptimizer Pro gives you actionable data to get wins for clients at a fraction the cost. Give your clients fun reports they can understand that build trust and prove the value you provide!



POP has quickly grown to be one of my top 3 "go to" SEO tools, for both affiliate SEO & client work.  Just recently, I was able to take a pretty competitive keyword from #12 (page 2), up to #5 on page 1 in 14 or 15 days.  I'm also using it now for another (even more) competitive keyword and have moved it up the SERPS 2 pages in just 3 days. Thanks, Kyle, customer for life! :-)


Shout out to the man Kyle Roof for cranking out such an awesome tool! Got my score from 37% to 85%.. Today I was greeted with this SERPbook notification. Woohoo, 25x traffic for past 2-3 days!


POP On-Page Live Workshops with Kyle Roof

Up your on page SEO game using POP with one of the world’s SEO masters

Time & Date

Live workshops run every Tuesday 9 PM EST (perfect for US, APAC) and Thursday 9 AM EST (perfect for US, EU)


The workshops run between 40 min and 1 hour

By the end of the workshop, you will know...

  • Why are your competitors ranking better?
  • What’s missing on your page?
  • How to outperform your competitors?
  • What are the best on page optimization practices using POP?
  • How to use POP Chrome Extension for live site editing?

and get all your questions answered live.

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