October 15


Kyle Roof

Huge updates for POP!

Introducing POP Pro.

POP Pro is a streamlined version of POP that is great for Beginners and Pros alike.  Just complete a simple, one page input form and POP does the rest.  You get the recommendations you need to do effective SEO without all the clutter.  We are extremely proud of POP Pro and see it as a game changer.  This new version of POP allows you to do effective SEO, even faster.

POP Custom

The legacy version of POP, which includes both the POP Content Brief and POP Advanced, can be found under POP Custom.  POP Custom is great for SEOs that want complete control over the input and output of POP.  POP continues to be the most advanced tool on the market when it comes to giving you what you need for your exact situation.

Search Engine Title and Page Title

Within the POP Content Brief we have added a new section called Search Engine Title, which looks at your title tag.  Your title tag, often called a meta title, is the title that search engines see and rank.  Additionally, the Page Title section in the Content Brief has been adjusted to evaluate your H1, the title that humans see on your webpage.

Remove Terms

In the Content Brief you can now remove terms that don’t quite fit without having to run the whole report again.

Updated Scoring

In order to account for changes in Google, POP’s score for the Search Engine Title section has been calibrated to give you the best possible recommendations.


All POP recommendations on all plans now come with Natural Language Processing (NLP) terms!  In our testing, NLP terms seem to help with faster indexing.  We recommend incorporating these terms into your content where appropriate.  We still provide access to Google’s NLP API for Agency Plans.  If you would like to see what Google identifies as NLP, you can see those results in POP Custom.

Export Google NLP Terms

Agency plans can now export Google NLP API terms organized by NLP category.

Secondary Keywords

All plans can now add secondary keywords along with their primary keyword.

Your Own Competitor List

You can now check a box to let POP know you have your own competitors and POP will send you directly to the competitor’s box for you to input them.

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