March 25

How Can I Improve My SEO For Free?


Nowadays, many businesses depend on SEO to generate digital traffic from search engines to their website. There are many steps to SEO, and generally speaking you can spend infinitive time perfecting your SEO game. Likewise, depending on your budget you can invest little or lots on SEO. If your funding is not abundant you may like to know “How can I improve my SEO for free?” We’ve gathered easy and accessible SEO practices that you can do for no charge.

Optimizing Your Website Content

Starting with content, your website should be informative, catchy, and comprehensive. Do not forget to keep in mind who your target audience is — your content should be directed at them. If it’s not, you increase the risk of people visiting your website but not finding what they’re looking for, resulting in a higher bounce rate. 

A high bounce rate generally means people visit your website but quickly leave it because your content does not meet their expectations. Unfortunately, if your bounce rate is too high, it will negatively influence your search engine ranking. A great way to make sure your bounce rate is healthy is by implementing suitable keywords in your content. Finding the best keywords is easiest using free tools such as Google Trends, Google Keyword Planner in AdWords, and Ubersuggest — these are just some of the available free tools. 

Lastly, make sure to use all the little tricks in the book such as title tags, meta description, URL structure, and html tags (H1, H2, etc.). These small details take little time and go a long way in making your website more search engine optimized.

Broken Links And Duplicate Content

Don’t forget to clean up your website by looking for broken links and duplicate content. With a critical eye, check your website for any links that no longer work and look out for duplicate content. Broken links in your websites content are bad as they negatively influence your search ranks as well as the user experience. There are several free tools you can use to check your website for broken links like the Google Search Console or Ryte.

As for the duplicate content, you will want to stay away from having replicated pages. When search engines are faced with duplicate content, they will not know which version of the content to include or exclude from the indices. Moreover, the search engine will not know which version it should rank in the search results. That’s why deleting or editing any duplicate content will help improve your website’ ranking.

Voice Search

On smart appliances, an increasing number of people opt for voice search over the traditional method of typing. That’s why it’s a wise choice to implement some voice search phrases in your content. The basis of your voice SEO campaign will be to include a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. 

Adding a FAQ page allows you to clearly answer the type of questions users will ask during a voice search. This is because most people use the word “how” to start their voice search. The format of a FAQ page is perfect to feed your content to the search engine and attract exactly the audience you want.

Optimize Your Page Speed

If your content takes too much time to load, it can also lead to search engines crawling fewer pages to not exceed their allocated crawl budget. Page speed is one of the indicators that Google uses in their algorithm to rank pages. Consequently, an insufficient page speed could result in fewer pages getting indexed and thus being ranked in search engine results. Aside from the search engine algorithm, a low page speed also affects the user experience with reduced conversions consequently. Luckily, using another free tool like GTmetrix, WebPageTest, or Google PageSpeed can help you to check the speed of your website and give suggestions on how to improve it. 

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