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High Voltage is POP's SEO consulting arm that specialize in white hat, science based SEO strategies to grow product based and service oriented businesses through organic traffic acquisition.


"I can’t say enough good things about Kyle and his team. They are super prompt, honest and very thorough. Their documentation and deliverables are the best I’ve seen from any SEO agency, period. Having access to a pro of Kyle’s stature has been incredibly valuable. Hiring HV SEO was a great decision and has contributed to our tremendous success at FreshBooks."

Steve Toth

What Makes High Voltage Methods So Successful?

Through overseeing more than 400 scientific experiments on the Google algorithm over the past 4 years, the Co-Founder and Lead SEO, Kyle Roof found that there are correlational consistencies in particular ranking signals on top rankings pages. These findings essentially become High Voltage SEO's 'Recipe to Rank' and have formed the backbone of our SEO consulting methods and PageOptimizer Pro.



Monthly SEO Investment


Organic Traffic Value (Month)



Monthly SEO Investment


Organic Traffic Value (Month)



Monthly SEO Investment


Organic Traffic Value (Month)


Work with one of the most well-respected experts 

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Kyle is co-founder of the agency High Voltage SEO, inventor of the tool PageOptimizer Pro, co-founder of the group Internet Marketing Gold, co-host of the weekly show SEO Fight Club, and a regular speaker at industry leading events.

Other SEOs come to Kyle for his expert advice. He is best known for performing SEO tests to see what actually works for Google rankings - as opposed to just taking other people’s word for it.

This approach is always implemented by the agency in our client work. We are constantly running tests on the Google algorithm to give our clients the best chance of beating their competition.

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Meet Adam, our Senior Rankings Expert at High Voltage. Adam is not a sales guy. He's been in the industry for over 10 years and started with us as a practitioner working his way up through generating consistent wins for his clients time and time again.

I stand by the recommendations he makes as I trained him and work closely with him every day.

Kyle Roof

Lead SEO & Co-Founder of High Voltage SEO

What High Voltage Clients Have To Say

"Shout out to Kyle Roof and High Voltage SEO for helping me optimize specific pages on recently. Nice to see my numbers going up again!"

Pat Flynn

"We have worked with HVSEO team for 2 years. They are the most professional, practical and results driven SEO team we have ever worked with and we are happy to endorse their services. They take a practical commercial view and deliver long term sustainable results as well as being proactive in finding opportunities for improvement."

Marcus Hancock