December 20

What Does a Search Engine Optimization Specialist Do?


With SEO’s critical contribution to a website’s rankings being undeniable, it’s no surprise that professions like an SEO specialist are becoming highly sought after lately. But exactly what does a Search Engine Optimization specialist do? What do they bring to the table to help boost your site’s visibility, attract targeted visitors, and convert them into paying customers? We spill the beans for you, so just read on.

An SEO Specialist’s Responsibilities

A Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialist is a person who will analyze your site and determine the right tactics that need to be implemented to optimize it for search engines. In doing so, they may make significant changes to your website while also doing an in-depth keyword search and creating specific SEO copy. These adjustments may involve the site’s linking, content, architecture, and other factors in an attempt to boost SEO positions for the keywords you target.

An SEO specialist will first review your website to identify your aspirations and define your target audience. Then they will choose the best strategies to help maximize your site’s search engine rankings and traffic by:

  • Experimenting with marketing techniques
  • Trying out different advertising methods
  • Testing website layouts
  • Obtaining quality inbound links
  • Fixing structural problems
  • Rewriting HTML title tags
  • Adding content that includes the targeted long- or short-tail keywords
  • Working on off-page SEO to drive quality links to your site
  • Determining how easy (or not) it is for a search engine to crawl the content of the site
  • Ensuring that search engines can index the site’s content by making crawling easy

Depending on your particular needs, you may require even more tasks to be handled by your SEO specialist. These could include:

  • Identifying trends and analyzing data and results to achieve maximum Return On Investment in paid search campaigns
  • Analyzing site analytics and competitor advertising links
  • Tracking, reporting, and evaluating PPC campaigns
  • Performing ongoing keyword expansion and optimization
  • Making sure SEO best techniques are being implemented on newly developed code appropriately
  • Working with marketing and editorial teams to SEO in content programming and creation

What a Great SEO Specialist Should Know

It’s essential that an SEO specialist keeps up to date with the latest SEO standards, so the website always conforms to them at all times. This will help avoid penalties that could hinder your business success dramatically. An excellent Search Engine Optimization specialist should also understand what Google and other search engines use as criteria for their search engine results page. On top of everything else, an SEO specialist must comprehend things like marketing, web analytics, development and design, the social media landscape, culture, and even business models and human psychology. This makes their work no easy task.

Depending on their client’s requirements, an SEO specialist may also be called to have SEM experience managing PPC campaigns across various search engines, primarily Google and Bing. Knowing how to use site analytics tools such as Google Analytics and WebTrends is also a must. That aside, the following may come as a package with an SEO specialist that has taken a few steps forward to stand out from the pack:

  • Using bid management tools, like Kenshoo and Click Equations
  • Knowledge of search engine algorithms and ranking factors
  • Knowing about the latest and most effective SEM and SEO practices
  • Experience with multivariate experiments and A/B testing
  • Solid understanding of online customer acquisition, conversion, and performance marketing

Having said this, hiring an SEO specialist is a step toward the right direction if your goal is to improve your website traffic, search engine rankings, user experience, and conversion rate.

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