What Does SEO Do For A Website?

Back in the day, website owners were only focused on adding keywords to their content to reach the top of search engine rankings. This strategy did work — at least for a while. Over time, however, search engines became more sophisticated and now use highly advanced algorithms to tell which sites are worth ranking high and which ones provide little to no value to users.

For this reason, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a big deal and goes way beyond just using the right keywords in the right places. SEO is about creating a solid user experience, a strong link profile, and great content. That’s why it takes a lot of know-how and work to deliver the intended results. So what does Search Engine Optimization do for a website? And what exactly can SEO do for you and your business? We spill the beans about modern SEO below. 

What is SEO?

SEO is a set of strategies that can help boost your site’s chances of appearing high in search engine results. For example, if you sell chairs in Oklahoma, you want to ensure that users who type “chairs in Oklahoma” into Google or another search engine are shown your website as a result. SEO is your best shot to achieve that. 

How can SEO help fix your marketing issues?

Search Engine Optimization can help address the most common marketing problems, such as:

Unqualified leads. If many people visit your website but the conversion rate is very low, you probably have plenty of visitors that were either browsing your site by accident or looking for something totally different from what you offer (aka unqualified leads). SEO can improve your site’s qualified leads, so it attracts the right people – in order words, those interested in what you offer. These are more likely to become your next customers.

Low sales. This is directly related to the previous marketing issue. You see, attracting qualified leads means that you increase your site’s potential to intrigue new clients who may buy from you. Traditional marketing strategies cannot do that for you as effectively as SEO. Studies have shown that you have a 15% better conversion rate if your leads are generated by the search. This is considerably higher than with any other traditional marketing technique.

Expensive marketing. Most of the time, marketing costs are overwhelming for business owners, especially start ups. SEO allows you to not only stay in the business but also thrive without spending a ton of money. This means that you have the opportunity to attract visitors and generate enough leads and compete with larger marketing budgets.

SEO can also be used for…

Geo-targeting. If you have a physical store and wish to have consumers visit your location, SEO will help you attract local search engine users from around your location by adding keywords related to your area.

Niche marketing. SEO enables you to be extremely specific when you choose and use keywords, making it easy for you to market to a particular niche and eventually attract more qualified leads.

Brand building. SEO can help you become an established brand that visitors know and choose when they search for products and/or services like yours. Building brand awareness means that consumers search for your brand and head straight to your website directly instead of browsing search results when they use a specific keyword related to your niche. This will ultimately boost your sales as it will increase your website traffic significantly.

Why does SEO matter?

Besides the fact that organic search is the primary source of traffic for a website, SEO also helps build credibility and trust, establishing authority in regard to search engines via optimized on-page content and elements, machine-learning signals, positive user behavior, and quality backlinks. It also ensures better user experiences, which contribute to maximum visibility and better organic rankings. That aside, SEO can:

  • Increase engagement
  • Affect the buying cycle
  • Help you understand the web environment

Search Engine Optimization is a huge chapter and a powerful tool in every marketer’s and website owner’s armory. With its vast potential, the sky’s the limit — with promising increased revenue, high conversion rates, great search engine rankings, and much more. Good luck!