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What is The Most Important On Page SEO Factor?


The main task of any search engine is to give the right answer to a user’s search query as quickly as possible. A search engine has a complex algorithm that collects information about the site, analyzes it, gives a quality rating, and on the basis of this rating assigns a place in the top.

If you want to get to the top, the site must first be “right” for search engines. This is where the optimizer’s job is to make the site attractive to both the user and the search engines.

Search engines react to a kind of signal — external and internal ranking factors. External ranking factors cannot be influenced directly; only after improvements have been made to the site will the site have a chance for its performance to improve. But the internal ranking factors can be controlled directly, which include optimization of a single page and optimization of indicators that affect the site. So what is the most important on page SEO factor? We’ll explore this question in the article below.

The main SEO factor for optimizing a page

The answer is really simple: the most important SEO factor on the page is the title tag. The first thing that the user will see in the search engine is the title, and in part it will decide the search engine user’s decision to go to the page or not. The requirements for the title are very simple: it must include keywords/phrases as well as be attractive to the user. 

By using the right title hierarchy, it’s possible to do a good ranking of the site. Use keyword phrases in page titles, and that’s where Google looks first to decide what content is relevant to a particular search. You will see the page title in the first line of the search results record; it’s the headline that users see before they click on the page. 

While the title is an important factor, there are many other SEO factors which directly or indirectly influence a site’s place in search results.

Inbound links

Another very important SEO ranking factor will be external links. Inbound links, also known as backlinks, are all hyperlinks that lead to your page from other sources on the Internet. They have a significant impact on your ranking, right down to the page number you appear on a search engine. Inbound links from other websites tell Google that information from your site is credible enough for people to link to that information from their websites.  It’s the trust factor that Google values highly, and the more trust you have in the source linking to you, the greater will be the impact of their inbound link on your rankings.


Keyword optimization is one of the most important factors to consider in your website SEO strategy. The site that shows up at the top is not the one that simply has a keyword, but the one that best aligns with the goal behind that keyword. So it’s not just the keywords that should be on the page, but also their detailed descriptions.

Site load speed

Do not hope that a slow site with a good structure can get to the top of the search engine. After all, slow sites irritate users, because of which the site will get not only a loss of traffic, but also bad reviews. Moreover, search robots require too much time to scan such a site.

There are many ways to optimize site speed. Traffic from mobile devices has long prevailed, so the first step is to adapt the site to mobile devices. Next is to deal with the images on the site. A large number of pictures can cut the loading of the site. It’s also worth dealing with the font and text size. By optimizing them, you can slightly increase the speed of page loading.


Of course there are hundreds of different SEO page factors to promote. Accounting for all factors is quite difficult and time-consuming. So it’s worth starting with optimizing the most important factors such as the title of the site, its structure, links, and keywords. After that you can proceed to other important factors like the URL of the page, the images on it, content, site security, and many other secondary factors. 

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