December 3

Did Kyle go too far? Interview by Charles Floate with Kyle Roof: Experimenting with Lorem Ipsum & reverse engineering Google’s algorithm.


When 2 controversial, cutting edge SEOs get together for a banter there's no telling what will come out. This interview by Charles Floate with Kyle Roof for Charles' brand new YouTube interview series will definitely not disappoint! 

What you will learn from the Charles Floate interview with Kyle

In this interview, Charles named Kyle "Possibly the first SEO Google has come after specifically for on page manipulation".  After watching the video, you will know the steps Kyle took to get #1 position for 'Rhinoplasty Plano' using Lorem Ipsum, how (not) to get Manual Penalties from Google, why the secret to ranking is hiding in plain sight, what are the resources Kyle uses for Web 2.0's and much more...

You can also find the links mentioned in the video below:

"Kyle may be the first SEO Google has come after specifically for on page manipulation."

Charles Floate

I wanted to also put a word out on Charle's SEO content. He's one of the indisputable masters of the game, he tests what he implements and he publishes a lot of top notch content that's really worth listening to if your an SEO with ambition.

You can follow him on the below channels;

And here's a really nice interview from Gael & Mark at Authority Hacker with Charles on his own On Page methods.

Try the tool that helped Kyle rank #1 with Lorem Ipsum text in the Rank or Go Home Challenge.

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